Black Sea German Research - Migration from Germany



* updated 6 Nov 2023


* A District Administrator Warns Against Emigration to Prussia Poland by Dwayne Janke

* Arrival of Cloth Weavers and Cloth Manufacturers in Bialystok to settle in Russia Dec 1809 - Sep 1810 (Fond 383-29-346) translated by Matt Klee

* Border Crossing of Colonists into Russia at Grodno Oct 1808 - Dec 1809 (Fond 383-29-316) translated by Matt Klee

* Border Crossing of Colonists into Russia at Radzivilov Apr 1808-June 1809 (Fond 383-29-298) translated by Merv Weiss

* Christian Fiess - Migration from German Villages

* Colonists from Abroad to Novorossiysk Territory Jun 1808 - Nov 1810 (Fond 383-29-311) translated by Matt Klee

* Colonists to Settle in Russia thru Grodno to Poltava, Taganrog, Ekaterinoslav, Odessa, Kherson Oct 1808-Dec 1809 (Fond 383-29-317) translated by Matt Klee

* Departures from Grodno for city of Kherson Dec 1809 (Fond 383-29-339) translated by Matt Klee

* Emigrants from Wuerttemberg to Russia in 1818-1822 (DAI 599) by Elli Wise & Allen Konrad

* Finding Your German Village on a Map

* Index of first settlers and farm owners of Mariental in 1804 (DAI 636) translated by Elli Wise

* List of Inovlatsky Colonists Arriving in Ekaterinoslav from St. Petersburg Colonies for Settlement in Novorossiysk Territory (Fond 383-29-372) translated by Matt Klee

* Mennonites Emigrating from Prussia to Chortitza April 1818 (DAI 606) by Elli Wise & Allen Konrad

* Mennonites from Prussia 1818 (DAI 623) translated by Elli Wise

* Nuertingen, Wuerttemberg Release for Emigration (DAI 624) by Elli Wise & Allen Konrad

* Passport Lists for Emigrants to Russia May 1808 - Oct 1809 (Fond 383-29-302) translated by Matt Klee

* Passports to Taurida (DAI 600) translated by Elli Wise

* Passport/Transport/Quarantine Lists from Germany to Russia submitted by BSGR

* Pomeranian Colonies and Colonists - 1754 translated by Allen Konrad

* Potential Emigrants from Wuerttemberg 1816 (DAI 624) by Elli Wise & Allen Konrad

* Reasons for Emigrating from Germany to Russia translated by Allen Konrad

* Request to Migrate from Hamm to Russia translated by Allen Konrad

* South Prussia Land Records 1793-1794 compiled by R. Reuben Drefs


Also check out the DAI Indexes for additonal information by village name.


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