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When we started the website, our focus was on family trees that were searchable in a database. Recently, we started receiving other forms of documents (pdf, doc, excel, etc) from researchers who want to freely share their findings but they are not suitable in GEDCOM format. So we are adding a new Research Repository to our website to accommodate these additional research materials that hopefully will answer some of your research questions. And what's even better, our Google search engine on our home page will search these documents making it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

General research:
Documents Concerning the Black Sea Germans in the Odessa Archives
Photo Albums
Research Aids
Research Organizations

Major research categories:
* Area/town/village specific
* Church/parish
* Customs/folklore
* Letters/stories/recollections
* Migration from Germany
* Resettlement
* Surname specific  

If you have a website or document that focuses on Black Sea German villages, families, or research and you would like to share it with other researchers, please email the URL of your website or a copy of the information to  

Our site focuses on Black Sea German research. If you're one of our German-Russian cousins from the Volga, unfortunately, we don't have much to help you. But contact AHSGR or the Volga German website and they might be able to help you out. 

If you’re searching for family in Volhynia, SGGEE may be able to help.


Major Contributors


R. Reuben Drefs
was born and raised in southeastern South Dakota to German-Russian parents.  Read more...  


Elvire Necker-Eberhardt was born in Sofiewka, Bessarabia and as a small child experienced the Resettlement of all Bessarabian-Germans to the then German occupied Poland.  Read more...  


Allen Konrad was born and raised

in the heart of North Dakota’s “German-Russian triangle” in Pomona View Township, LaMoure County, near Kulm.  Read more...  


Roland M. Wagner
is focused on
German-Russian research and is freely
sharing his collection of articles and family histories with us.  Read more...

Ralph Wiseman
(1944-2013) was a
dedicated genealogy researcher, who started digging into his family roots in the 1970s to
fulfill a request from his mother to continue the work she'd started on her Pfaff family roots.