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Deck family from Josephstal (updated)
Deck family from Karlsruhe (updated)
Deck family from Franzfeld (updated)
Ell family from Rastadt (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Schmidt, Peter family
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Kulm, Bess Koblenz (partial index)

1914 Austrian Military Maps
Schematic map of German land ownership in Kherson 1890
1855 Atlas of the Evangelical Lutheran Communities in Russia

1829 Province maps: includes Bessarabia, Caucasus, Ekaterinoslav, Georgia, Kherson, Podolia, and Taurida

1903 Lutheran Church photos

Alt Elft parish marriage 1920-1929
Wasserau deaths 1871-1885 (Hochstädt)
Tarutino parish marriages 1833-1839
Neu Montal deaths 1840-1885 (Molotschna)
Karlsruhe 1890 deaths (Beresan)
Grunau parish births 1840-1848  (chutors/estates, smaller villages)
Molotschna parish deaths 1880-1885
Karlsruhe deaths 1833-1848 (Hochstädt)
Taganrog-Jeisk parish deaths 1879-1885 (Kuban)
Lichtental village deaths 184x (Sarata)
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1887 (Beresan)
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1888 (Beresan)
Grunau parish deaths 1834-1839
Molotschna parish deaths 187x
Hochstädt village deaths 1871-1885
Friedenstal village births 185x (Arzis)
Tarutino village deaths 184x
Sarata parish deaths 1823-1856
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1885 (Beresan)
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1886 (Beresan)
Rosental deaths 1834-1848 (Hochstädt)
Weinau deaths 1840-1885 (Molotschna)
Alt Elft parish marriages 1911-1919 (Bess.)
Dunajewzy parish deaths 1866-1885 (Podolia)
Eigenheim village deaths 1862-1874 (Sarata)
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1884 (Beresan)
History of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland (part 1-4)
Karlsruhe births 1870-1885 (Hochstädt)
Marienheim births 1870-1874 (Molotschna)
Belowesh parish deaths 1880-1885 (Chernigov)
Grunau parish births 1834-1839
Brienne village births 186x (Arzis)
Karlsruhe parish marriages 1888 (Beresan)
German Literature in Bess.-12 Karl Kräenbring
Karlsruhe parish marriages 1905
Hochstädt village deaths 1860-1869
Kronau village deaths 1871-1874
Tarutino village births 185x
Jakob Klundt 1839-1921
History of Baptists in Neu Danzig & Cataloi
Karlsruhe parish marriages 1894
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1889
Grunau parish marriages 1834-1839
Konotop parish deaths 187x (Chernigov)
Niemirow deaths 1833-1866 (Podolia)
Taganrog-Jeisk parish marriages 1879-85 (Kuban)
Leipzig births 185x (Tarutino)
Neu Nassau deaths 1850-69 (Hochstädt)
Karlsruhe parish deaths 1867-1868 (Beresan)
Alt Arzis village births 187x (Arzis)
Beresina village deaths 1833-1839 (Tarutino)
Friedrichsfeld deaths 1833-1848 (Hochstädt)
Georgstal village births 1874-1885 (Molotschna)
Sarata parish births 1823-1835
Neusatz parish marriages 1847-1848 (Crimea)
Crimea area births 1847-1848
Alt Posttal deaths 1833-1839 (Tarutino)
Prischib deaths 1860-1885 (Molotschna)
Wasserau deaths 1850-1869 (Hochstädt)
Teplitz village births 185x (Arzis)
Belowesh parish deaths 186x (Chernigov)
Karlsruhe parish baptisms 1887
Karlsruhe parish baptisms 1890
Civil registry of Kellerowka, Kazakhstan 1922
Residents of Rosowka, Kazakhstan 1927
Alt Elft parish marriages 1900-1910
Taganrog-Jeisk par. births 1879-1885 (Kuban)
Michailowka births 1852-1885 (Hochstädt)
Molotschna parish deaths 186x
Sarata village births 187x (Sarata)
Karlsruhe births/baptisms 1914
Karlsruhe deaths/burials 1883
Brienne births 1840-1848 (Arzis)
Danielsfeld deaths 1874 (Sarata)
Neu Elft births 1850-1859 (Alt Elft)
Wittenberg births Dec 1869-71, 1873-79
Friedenfeld deaths 1880-1885 (Molotschna)
Hochstädt village deaths 1850-59 (Hochstädt)
Bratslav/Niemirow deaths 1867-85 (Podolia)
Belowesh parish births 1880-85 (Cherinigov)
Karlsruhe marriages 1891 (Beresan)
Karlsruhe marriages 1893 (Beresan)
Karlsruhe marriages 1895 (Beresan)
Alt Elft parish marriages 1892-1899
Kischiniv parish deaths 1870-1879
Dunajewzy parish births 1866-1885 (Podole)
Friedenstal births 184x (Arzis)
Tschemtschelly deaths 1863-1885 (Sarata)
Borodino deaths 1833-1839 (Tarutino)
Belowesh births 1870-1879 (Chernigov)
Karlsruhe marriages 1890 (Beresan)
Karlsruhe marriages 1892 (Beresan)
Prischib births 1873-1885 (Molotschna)
Karlsruhe births 1860-1869 (Hochstädt)
Neusatz Founding Families (Odessa)
Neusatz Notes on Founding Families (Odessa)
New Crimea Research page
New Taurida Research page
Lutheran/Reformed Parishes Cherson Gov.

Karlsruhe deaths 1879
Heidelberg deaths 1840-1869 (Molotschna)
Friedenstal births 1836-1839 (Arzis)
Eugenfeld deaths 1851-1864 (Hochstädt)
Belowesh parish births 1860-1869 (Chernigov)
Alt Posttal births 1880-1885 (Tarutino)
Alt Schwedendorf Marriages 1899, 1903-1915


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