EWZ Examples


Examples provided by Rich Aspenleiter and Gayla Gray


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Abschrift der Einbürgerungsurkunde (citizenship certificate)     
Einbürgerungsantrag (citizenship application forms)
Application consists of the first three forms. The fourth form is from the administrators approval of the health/heredity [biological genes] and accompanies the application.)
Feststellung der Deutschstämmigkeit (determination of German origin)
Hitler Jugend Umsiedler Personalkarte (Hitler Youth re-settler passport)
Lebenslauf (Life story)
Personalblatt (form indicates the status of single, married, widowed, etc. with dates, if known. The researcher can find information whether the person was living, deceased, shot, verschleppt [taken away], verbannt [banished], missing, serving as soldiers, last place of residence, etc.)
Stammblatt (a pedigree or family group chart)
(first example is the petition to change name and the second example is the court order)
Volkstums Ausweis & Vorläufiger Ausweis (Russian, Rumanian or German passports)    
Employment Questionnaire (to check out individual)
(Acceptance) form for granting citizenship
Approval to finalize and grant citizenship