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Book of Sorrow 2002 - Germans
Asiatic Russia Vol. I&II (Cyrillic)


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Overview of colonies in Asiatic Russia


Submitted by Eugen Beck:

Akmolinsk 1905 (Cyrillic)

Akmolinsk 1907 (Cyrillic)

Akmolinsk 1914 (Cyrillic)

Turgaj Uralsk 1907 (Cyrillic)

*1910 Trans-Siberian Railway (Cyrillic)

Atlas of Asiatic Russia (Cyrillic)

Researching in Asiatic Russia

Overview The earliest German colonies in Asiatic Russia were founded in 1882 by Mennonites from Molotschna and the Volga area. However beginning in the 1890s, a more substantial migration of German colonists (from both the Black Sea region and Volga area) headed east toward the Ural Mountains and Siberia to find new lands to colonize.
The German population of this region increased from 15,000 in 1897 to 100,000 in 1914. (Source: From Catherine to Khrushchev by Adam Giesinger, p. 136-138)

In later years (1920s-1940s), the Soviet government deported people to Siberia as a punishment for those accused of anti-Soviet activity. However, at the end of the 19th century, this area was considered a desirable source of new, unoccupied land to colonize.


Key areas of settlement:

Siberia/Ural Colonies

Colonies of Origin

Years Founded

Neu Samara colonies/Pleschanowo

Molotschna Mennonites


Orenburg Mennonite colonies/Djejewka

Chortitza & Molotschna Mennonites


Orenburg Lutheran colonies

Odessa and Bessarabia


Ufa colonies near Dawlekanowo

Mennonites & Lutherans, various areas


Ufa colonies W and NW of Ufa

Molotschna, Lutherans & Catholics



Black Sea and Volga Germans


Chelyabinsk and Kustanay regions



Petropavlovsk and Koktshetav regions



Akmolinsk/Zelonograd region



Omsk region



Slavgorod region on the Kulunda steppes



Pavlodar area







Molotschna and Volga Mennonites


Church Records
Some church records for German settlements in Asiatic Russia are available from the Family History Library. Search on the town (or country) to find if microfilm is available for the area you are researching.

Submitted by Merv Weiss:

Chelyabinsk Roman Catholic Parish - births/deaths/marriages 1907

Chelyabinsk RC Parish birth/death/marriages in 1909

Chelyabinsk RC Parish birth/death/marriages in 1910

Chelyabinsk RC Parish birth/death/marriages in 1911 (updated 13 Jan 2023)

Chelyabinsk RC Parish birth/death/marriages in 1913

Omsk 1900-1905 Roman Catholic Parish Births

Orenburg Roman Catholic Parish - births/deaths/marriages 1907


Submitted by Eugen Beck:

* Orenburg 1913 parish births/baptisms

* Ufa 1918 parish marriages 

Families who settled in Asiatic Russia:

* Linejewka (German) submitted by Eugen Beck

* Linejewka (English) submitted by Eugen Beck and translated by BSGR 2022

* Linejewka Household List Dec. 1908 submitted by Eugen Beck

* Linejewka 1917 Revisionliste submitted by Eugen Beck